Make Sun Beams using PhotoShop – A tutorial by Glyn Dewis

Recently I came across a photo at where a mama elephant walks along with her baby elephant. It’s a beautiful photo by Glyn Dewis

When I was going through the comments, came across a comment by Henry von Huch who mentions he saw the tutorial.

So with little bit of searching I came across the YouTube tutorial which is linked below.

It’s a fast and easy technique !

Watch the video below or click here to watch in new window.

You can view Glyn Dewis profile here

Learning basics of photography without a real camera

Photography is one of the very interesting hobbies most of the people have. But for most of the newbies, understanding the concepts of various aspects like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed can be slightly daunting. People need a real SLR or bridge to understand how these parameters work hand in hand and becomes difficult when they don’t have one.

But now, thanks to Canon, you could understand these aspects without a need for real camera. Visit the site mentioned below and you could understand the basic of these parameters as well as try them out with virtual camera provided in the site.

Check out a screenshot of the page

DPReview Studio Shot Camera Comparision Configurator

Yesterday I posted about the DPReview’s “Studio Shot Comparison Tool“. Today I am posting a user friendly configurator tool.


  1. Primary Camera selection
  2. Automatic selection of slots based on numbe.r of camera’s selected.
  3. Pure jQuery hence very fast.

View it at

For any issues or feature requests go to and choose the section “DPReview Studio Shot Comparison Tool Configurator”

DPReview Studio Shot Comparison Tool

When we go through a camera review at, one of the useful feature is the Studio Shot Comparison Tool.
After bit of messing around with their tool I found out the perfect link with which you will be able to compare various cameras.

By default the below tool allows to compare 4 cameras. But by editing the URL’s “slotsCount” parameter you can compare more cameras.

DPReview Studio Shot Comparison Tool

Canon EF 1200mm f/5.6 L USM Lens

Recently I was checking out Canon lens reviews and came across a zoom lens. Call it super or hyper or whatever. But this one is really a long one !.

This is a full autofocus lens first marketed in July 1993 and took nearly 18 months for delivery. It’s a hand made one !.

The actual price might be $89,579 and the current price is $120,000.

By the way it weighs around 16.5 kg.

Pictures of the lens attached to Canon 1Ds Mark III DSLR or rather should we say the camera attached to the lens.

To understand the size better, checkout the below picture. Now is that a lens or rocket launcher ?

The below pictures show the view at various focal lengths.








That’s one hell lens and a luxury “L” class too. But at $120,000 we don’t need to bother about luxury or not, right ?

Source: The Digital Picture