Notion Ink Adam Videos – Eden Part 3



  1. Space usage graph showing used space based on file type.
  2. Clicking of file type in graphs taking right to the list of all files of that type is another good feature.
  3. File preview is another good feature.

Wish the video was more detailed.

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Notion Ink Adam Videos – Eden Part 2


My likes…

  1. Having multiple email accounts is good. But not sure if it supports multiple exchange accounts.
  2. The 3 panel layout is a brilliant idea. We can switch between multiple accounts at a very faster rate.
  3. The missing attachment feature is a good idea.
  4. Loading of attachments though sniffer is a good implementation.
  5. Recalling a sent mail is also good, but not sure if the service providers support such a feature.
  6. Pendulum animation for loading progress indication is a nice add on too.

The compose UI can be better. Hope this is fixed.

Again great work by the Notion Ink Team

Source: Notion Ink Blog
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Notion Ink Adam Videos – Eden Part 1

Eden Part 1


My View:
My likes…

  1. The animation which shows that we have reached the end of scrolling the panels.
  2. Having as much as panels open as you can.
  3. Scroll-ability in each panel.
  4. Less resource utilization of apps in each panel when in panel mode.
  5. Availability of launcher helps to reach a particular panel without actually scrolling the panels.
  6. Dragging & dropping panels for re-arranging them

My dislikes…

  1. When we drag the panels, it’s not smooth, kind of jerky movement. I hope this would be fixed.
  2. The theme is bright in color i.e ash color. If it’s dark color, may be more energy can be saved with the display.
  3. The small launcher icon on the left with bright orange kind of looks odd. Wish it was placed somewhere unobstructed.

That’s my view for this video.

Great work Rohan

Source: Notion Ink Blog

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Sucessfully Running Market in Android 2.3 Emulator

I have been trying to run market in Android 2.1 & 2.2 emulator and every time I ended up failing.

This time I came across instructions in 2 different website and was able to successfully run market in Android 2.3 emulator.

As some people have said after multiple tries only I was able to add google account.
Once google account was added market was running but some intermittent crashes happened.
But I am running market successfully.

The following links might help to run market in emulator successfully.

PS: Some times Varun’s blog doesn’t load but the instructions are similar to the one in XDA-Dev site.
I followed XDA-Dev instructions and it worked fine.

Notion Ink Adam Videos

Notion Ink a new company in the business of manufacturing tablets based out of Bangalore, India has recently started their pre-orders.

Recently they decided to release product videos before CES 2011 and following are the videos.

I will be adding series of videos which they are releasing.

First Demo Video

Second Demo Video

As far as my view is concerned regarding these 2 videos. Notion Ink’s multitasking concept is really good.
Considering a simple scenario where a person who want to post link to his facebook, might look into 2 panels one with browser and other with facebook and can do the posting without swapping both applications.

This is one of the best features of notion ink which I like. I regret that I didn’t pre-order the product.

I some how didn’t like the large gap between the actual display and edge of the tablet. It looks odd. May be they will make some changes in the next iteration.

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Binary Bits A Resurrection

It has been 6 years since this website came into existence.

After moving around across different web hosters and facing technical issues, now this site is up and running.

Once again I will be posting my bits & pieces here.

Also I am planning to add the old posts one by one.

Enjoy reading 🙂