How I use my mobile

Mobile devices context have now changed a lot. Being from simple communication device to full blow Personal Information Manager.

Here in the organization I work for, usage of personal mobiles for official communications are not allowed. Primary reason being data security.

So I use my mobile for staying in touch with my friends, keep track of news and events, manage my personal and official task list etc.

I am going to start of a series of post reviewing the apps I use in mobile and how I use them.

Starting off … My Mobile Desktop

Home Screen

I keep tab at 2 things here.

  1. My team’s time across 3 time zones. This is the default dual clock widget which comes with SGSII.
  2. My messenger status. I use IM+ Pro for messenger and stay connected in Microsoft Live, GTalk, Yahoo & Skype.
  3. Dual Battery Widget helps me keep tab on battery level. Till this date this is one of the best looking battery widgets.
  4. Traffic Counter help to monitor the data usage.

Weather & Entertainment Screen

  1. Keeping updated on weather sometime helps to plan on commuting. I use Accuweather widget which comes with SGSII.
  2. Audio FX widget. Helps to change the audio quality with apps like DI FM. But this one doesn’t work with FM Radio App which comes with SGSII.
  3. PowerAMP 4×2 widget.

Birthday Calendar

Agenda Widget coupled with Gmail Calendar which is synced with FaceBook’s Birthday Events iCal URL.

To Do

I keep track of my to do list with the help of Producteev free account service. Till now one of the best online task management service which has apps for all the platforms.


Finally the switches screen where I utilize Tasker app’s widget to control various tasks.


Mostly I try to keep my widgets as low as possible and try to use dark wallpapers to conserve CPU usage, screen brightness and in turn save battery. On a whole the combination of screens help me keep tabs on information.

The most useful are the Producteev and IM+ Widgets.

Producteev helps to have glance at non completed items and those due today & IM+ Pro helps me keep the count of non responded messages and online status.

In addition to above you can see 2 non-standard SGSII icons on status bar related to following apps.

  1. MyPhoneExplorer status.
  2. Smart App Protector.

More about all these apps in upcoming posts !

Links to applications mentioned in the post

Agenda Widget for Android

Audio Fx Widget

Dual Battery Widget

Facebook for Android


MyPhoneExplorer Client

Poweramp Standard Widget Pack


Smart App Protector(app lock)

Traffic Counter Extended