Canon EF 1200mm f/5.6 L USM Lens

Recently I was checking out Canon lens reviews and came across a zoom lens. Call it super or hyper or whatever. But this one is really a long one !.

This is a full autofocus lens first marketed in July 1993 and took nearly 18 months for delivery. It’s a hand made one !.

The actual price might be $89,579 and the current price is $120,000.

By the way it weighs around 16.5 kg.

Pictures of the lens attached to Canon 1Ds Mark III DSLR or rather should we say the camera attached to the lens.

To understand the size better, checkout the below picture. Now is that a lens or rocket launcher ?

The below pictures show the view at various focal lengths.








That’s one hell lens and a luxury “L” class too. But at $120,000 we don’t need to bother about luxury or not, right ?

Source: The Digital Picture