Change SharePoint’s “there are no items to show in this view” message

When a list has not data to be shown in the view, we see the following message.

There are no items to show in this view of the “<ListName>” list.

The following JSLink script helps to change this message.


Displaying SharePoint user presence indicator in CSR

The following are code snippets which can be used to show a user’s Lync/Skype for Business presence status in SharePoint Client Side Rendering (CSR).

Default Render

With Picture Detail View

With Picture

Presence Only

Picture Only


Remove duplicate list items from SharePoint REST call result using JavaScript

The following code snippet show how to remove duplicate list items in the JSON result of a SharePoint REST call using JavaScript.

Function Definition:

Function Usage:
In the below code, assumption is that, the REST call returns data.d.results and the column for which duplicate items need to be removed is Title


JSLink URL Tokens in SharePoint

Following are some of the JSLink URL Tokens I have come across in SharePoint.

  • ~site – reference to the current SharePoint site (or “Web”)
  • ~sitecollection – reference to the current SharePoint site collection (or “Site”)
  • ~layouts – version specific reference to the web application Layouts folder (so it will automatically swap out /_layouts/14 or /_layouts/15 for you)
  • ~sitecollectionlayouts – reference to the layouts folder in the current site collection (e.g. /sites/team/_layouts/15)
  • ~sitelayouts – reference to the layouts folder in the current site (e.g. /sites/teams/subsite/_layouts/15)

Few Examples:


Refresh web part without refreshing page in SharePoint

The following code shows how to refresh web part without refreshing page in SharePoint.


Load multiple JavaScript files in SharePoint JSLink

To load multiple JavaScript files in SharePoint JSLink, insert a pipe symbol between multiple JavaScript file links in the JSLink field of webpart’s properties.

JSLink Field Example:

A piple symbo is a “|” without quotes


Load scripts in SharePoint within custom Javascript or Workflow

Following is the code which can be used to load JavaScript in sequence.


Get SharePoint Item’s Author Details using REST

When we fetch document details from the SharePoint, sometimes we may need to get the Author details as well. By default when we do ODATA REST query, we will get only Authorid with a number as a result.

To get Author’s additional details we may need to expand the selected item as show below.

Following list show all the valid Author fields

  1. Title
  2. Name
  3. EMail
  4. MobilePhone
  5. SipAddress
  6. Department
  7. JobTitle
  8. FirstName
  9. LastName
  10. WorkPhone
  11. UserName
  12. Office
  13. ID
  14. Modified
  15. Created


Sync desktop files to O365 SharePoint Library

One of the consulting request I got was that an user should be able to sync files from a legacy system to O365 SharePoint Library. The issue was that the legacy system was old and all it could do was place a file in a particular folder.

The solution we could offer was the following.

  1. Configure a Windows mapped drive to point to a SharePoint library
  2. Configure the legacy system to place file into folder

This worked, but having a mapped drive was received as a security threat by the client’s security team.

But now thanks to the newly launched feature of syncing the SharePoint library files with OneDrive, this is easier.
Best part is, it supports both Windows & Mac.
Read more about it here

Sync SharePoint Library with OneDrive Client

Image Source: Office Blog

Add count to drop down refiners in SharePoint search refinement webpart

While working on designing display template for drop down based refiners in SharePoint Search there was a requirement to show counts along with refiners in refiners list.

Following is the change which I made in the refiner’s display template.

Actual code

 Updated Code